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Who we are?

Yunbio Tech Co.,Ltd is a high tech company, focused on meeting research and production needs for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, personal care, agrochemical and industrial companies, academic and research institutions, hospitals, and government laboratories by providing kinds of bio products like inhibitors, inducers, biobuffers, carbohydrates and nucleosides. With decades of development and customers’ request, we cooperated with many qualified factories in China and having traceable, transparent and sustainable processes.

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Our Strength:

-Flexible: We work in small teams with rapid communication channels. Respond quickly and efficiently to customer and market needs.

-Innovative: We are focusing on the development of new products and keep close relationships with our customers and product experts.

-Strict Quality Management: We are managed as per cGMP regulation. Equipped with instruments, such as HPLC, Aquatest etc.

-Vast products range: We manufacture and source a vast range of fine chemicals, biochemicals, buffers, nucleoside, carbohydrate, Pyrimidine, Purine and some API. With decades of development, we established steadily relationship with local manufacturers. 

Mission statement:

At Yunbio, we work closely with you to understand and evaluate your needs and provide value-added services to improve the quality and efficiency of your products and operations.
We are flexible and innovative at finding solutions that work for you. Products may be manufactured to meet a range of customer-centric specification and packaging requirements.

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Working hours

Monday- Friday: 9:00-18:00 Hrs

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RM05, Hover INDUSTRIAL building F08, Kwai Cheong Rd 26, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

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