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How to Choose Your Suitable Supplier

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As a purchase man or decision maker in your company, do you ever wonder from whom to buy ? We have a buzzword in China “To buy what is expensive, not what is right” . Do you do the same thing? Do you practice the opposite? Or do you just laugh at them and mumbling “Are you stupid?”

Only Buy the Expensive Choice

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For the expensive choice, the real mean is to choose the best one rather than high price-performance ratio within your economic available range. If you wanna buy luxury products, then buy in a luxury way. For example, many real estate big V told us” Dont buy villa because the price rises very slow” Why? Because they only see the tangible price. Yet, the feel and the interpersonal connections are intangible values. I always heard “The rich people all have one trait, that is, dumb people more money ” Some people think, the products looks same, I can buy in a very cheap price (price-performance), but that stupid rich man spent much more money. In fact, all the advantage of cheap products is showed externally. But the intangible values of expensive products are not able to be found until you have tried. Years ago, my uncle came across a problem for his new project. One day, he was walking around his house (elite housing), he came across another man walking around and then they had a chat. My uncle said his problem to that man. That man said”It’s a piece of cake, let me help you.” And in the second day, the problem was solved. You may say, your uncle is so lucky. But I should say his neighbors are all crackerjack. This is the intangible value of his house.

There must be Specific Difference on Quality for Cheap and Expensive Choice

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For the price-performance choice, you only need to consider quality of the product rather than its brand. For example, cars of Volkswagen are all with same quality engine, the only difference is the appearance. If you pay attention to price-performance, then you just choose the cheapest one in this brand. No need to spend much more money on a better appearance. But for some same quality product, under different brand, the price is much different. Why people want to choose the branded one with a higher price? Because brand is also the value. Brand is also a part of the merchandise. Intangible assets is also assets.

How to Choose Your Best Supplier in our Industry?

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How do you choose your supplier in Chemical industry? Do you choose the cheapest one always? Do you choose the one who can be easier in communication? Do you ever consider the services? Do you ever consider the suppliers’ qualification? Do you ever audit the factory to see their capability? Leave us comment.

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