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We are Changing New Logo

We wanted to refresh our Logo, to simplify, and to have a cleaner, more modern look while keeping the feel of the long standing and history

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Industry Updates

The future of mRNA Vaccines

Recently, Science Media GEN spoke with Professor Robert Langer of the David H.Koch Institute at MIT about the present and future of mRNA vaccines as Moderna’s co-founder.

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Did you know the multiple usage of small molecules?

Small molecules have been used in drug discovery historically.  How will small molecules continue to meet patient needs in the future? In this review, we take the opportunity to review and clarify some of the historical cornerstones of small molecule drug research, discuss current and future trends in drug discovery, and present a personal vision for the future of drug research, with an emphasis on small molecule drug research…

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Knowledge Share

TCEP Operation Instruction

TCEP-HCL is a thiol-free and odorless reducing agent used in proteins, peptides, and other systems involving disulfide bond reduction. In clinical tests, TCEP-HCL is mainly used in homocysteine assay kits as a reducing agent to convert oxidized homocysteine to free homocysteine.

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